High-impact product commercial, brand design, web design, and complementary explainer video

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We dove into the challenge of developing an integral online echosystem, including brand and web UX/UI design, 3D modeling, and specific explainer videos, all backed up by a high impact product commercial that took the project to the next level.

Founded in 2017, Newmanbrain was born with the mission of making unbiased cognitive assessment available for mass screening. We wanted to build an accessible and easy to use system that clinicians and patients would “want” to use on a daily basis.
THEIA is a portable neuroimaging system able to measure brain activity using fNIRS technology. Its advanced software is capable of capturing real time visualizations and performing AI advanced analytics to provide an unbiased cognitive assessment that can really change patients lives.


Theia Commercial

In ancient Greece, Theia was considered the Titan from which all light comes, a revealing source. This concept crosses the commercial from the tangible and the metaphorical. The device brings light to the image, but is also a mechanism used by the scientific community at a global level to obtain new knowledge. Theia is light in all its senses, a source of illumination on the aesthetic beauty of the image, as well as a beacon in the exhaustive search for the objectivity of brain studies, specifically in relation to ADHD and cognitive impairment.

Web & UI/UX design

Web, UX, and UI design are now key points in any brand’s strategy. Every piece of a brand’s ecosystem should breathe the same air and feel like part of a whole. Newmanbrain’s whole new look and feel was clean, modern, and professional. That's what we went for. It works as the practical and interactive version of the commercial.

We also re-edited an older platform in line with the new concept, always having their main users –medical practitioners– in mind. We developed 2D and 3D informative visuals, infographics, and analytics.

Explainer Videos

Aside from the big ambitions of a one-minute commercial video, the nature of the product needed complementary material that individually explained the three elements that made it so special; its technology, its relation to data, and the science behind the device. These are our “three pillars” explainers.

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