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  • We are Samsa!
    A brand and motion design studio.
    Design and animation
    bringing your ideas to life.

    Shapes and movement that
    transform your message into
    efficient, attractive, and didactic

  • Skyweaver

    Skyweaver 101 Economy

    The combination between 3D animation, cell animation, and motion graphics gives life to this vibrant journey through the fundamentals of the Skyweaver economy, a cross-platform card game where you can earn and trade NFT cards with other users in the community.

  • Newmanbrain


    High-impact product commercial, brand design, web design, and complementary explainer video development for the presentation of Theia, a new medical device capable of measuring brain activity in real time.

  • Dorotea

    How does
    auctioning work in Dorotea?
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  • Inditex

  • Zejula - GSK

  • GSK

  • Flexidao

  • Dorotea

  • Skyweaver

  • Theia, witness Change

  • Easyhaler

  • Spinraza Lunch

  • SuperPuma SS23

  • Yoplait - Almond

  • Eignapharma

  • Freedom of Automation

  • InterTrend

  • Eat Meati

  • Diabetes

  • Heiz

  • Reti360

  • Hysun Energy

  • TEC Spot

  • Raiz

  • Motion

    Our expert storytellers will identify the ideal creative path to turn your message into an eye-catching and engaging video.
    We're passionate about merging
    languages to achieve the best outcomes.

    A better way to tell your story.

    Quality Content in sync with your needs

    2D Animation - CGI - Cel Animation - Filming

  • Brand-

    as a tool.

    To turn your vision, ideas, and concepts into innovative visual assets that bring your brand identity to life.

    Visual Identity - Web ux/ui design - Art Elements and Resources - TV Ident

  • 3DInteractivity

    E-commerce is

    We create amazing virtual representations of products, helping online retailers to better showcase their offerings, improve customer experience, and increase sales. We deliver Hyper Realistic 3D development and a fully integrated technology to delight your customers.

    Hyper Realistic 3D - Augmented Reality - 3D Viewer - Metacommerce Experience

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