Skyweaver 101 Economy

The combination between 3D animation, cell animation, and motion graphics gives life to this vibrant journey through the fundamentals of the Skyweaver economy, a cross-platform card game where you can earn and trade NFT cards with other users in the community.

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Skyweaver is a cross-platform card game where you can earn and trade NFT cards with other users in the community.

To craft a video that could capture the magnitude of the project, and to properly transition from impactful storytelling to didactic educational content, we went for a combined technique approach.


After making that decision, composition became the biggest challenge of this particular project. Knowing that we wanted to keep the 2D look that characterizes the card game, but we needed more depth in order to enhance Skyweaver’s world, we decided to compose all scenes within a 3D space. We first worked on the illustrations, and once we felt they were ready, we began the process of texturing them over the 3D model. We then used cell animation to make the characters flow along with the camera motion.


Kyra is also a huge part of the project. She’s our protagonist, the avatar representing all users, the symbol we chose to embody the nature of the game. Even though she is a player, she’s actually based on Samya, one of the game’s heroes. We gave her strong and determined mobility, yet she feels fun and natural. We’re quite proud of how she turned out.

Music was made by sampling the tracks of one of the game’s main themes and adding new music and sound effects to enhance the feeling of each particular scene. It ascends up to the video’s peak of intensity, where Kyra finds herself immersed in the card game, and then it descends and transforms into an ambient piece of music, perfect for the educational section of the video. Once the end is near, the epic factor grows exponentially, leaving a promise for new adventures.

The infographic section of the video needed a balance between dynamics and legibility, as we wanted everyone of almost all ages to comprehend the basic concepts. Getting the viewer’s attention is the most important, but we also put in some magic, check out the vigorous and impactful transitions!

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