Dorotea is one of the first digital auction platforms in Colombia. They provide all the services and assistance required to start your journey into the 'Auction World'.

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The company needed to enter the market, and for that, we developed a robust go-to-market launch strategy, starting from the brand identity foundations to the creation of audiovisual content with sales and educational objectives.

As a first step, we created a visual manual for the campaign, which included conceptualizing the proposal, character design, set design, and visual materials such as iconography and typography.

These materials were later applied to two animated videos, as well as the website and internal and external communication content.

Regarding the videos, one was created for commercial purposes, aiming to invite potential users to explore Dorotea's services by showcasing its main benefits. The other video served an informative purpose, explaining the step-by-step usage of the platform. Additionally, we developed social media communication content to maintain brand awareness among users.

When it came to the audiovisual content, it was crucial to develop a narrative based on characters. The characters represented a potential customer and a Dorotea advisor, effectively explaining the strong points of the service offered and conveying the excitement of discovering these unique features.

The narrative setting aimed to reinforce a key concept within the proposal. Dorotea recognized that the 'Auctioning World' was unfamiliar to the general public and needed to bridge the gap. They wanted to convey the message that their platform offered the opportunity for people from all social classes to participate in auctions, not just the upper class (ABC1) as it had been historically. This required creative conceptual work to capture this concept subtly yet clearly. Consequently, we created a charming environment with small houses, a central square, and mountains in the backdrop, evoking the idea of a small society detached from bustling cities.

From a technical standpoint, the project posed significant challenges, particularly in terms of cloth simulation, realistic hair, and high-level 3D motion graphics combined with character animation.

The character animation process was enjoyable but required careful consideration. We were aware from the beginning that we would simulate clothing, so we planned the animations accordingly to facilitate the cloth simulations, which are computationally intensive. Simulating, shading, and rendering clothing proved to be some of the most challenging aspects of the project, as every garment had to be simulated in each shot of the video.

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