Samsa is a comprehensive creative studio specializing in brand and motion design.

We create art to communicate. We design with specific communication objectives. Regardless of the technique and design style, we use shapes and movement to transform any idea into didactic, efficient, and attractive content.


Inspired by Gregor Samsa and his epic metamorphosis depicted by Franz Kafka, our studio's name reflects the underlying concept we believe applies to all forms of audiovisual content and resonates with our own lives. We embrace the essence of movement and transformation, constantly seeking points of balance that are both captivating and momentary.

We are 40 people working remotely from Argentina, Colombia, Canada and Spain. Since 2016 we’ve partnered successfully with companies and organizations worldwide helping them to communicate effectively their messages.


McDonald's, Heinz, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, SoundCloud, Horizon Blockchain Games, Visa, Puma, Glovo, Inditex, Sanofi, Adobe, Schneider Electric, Abbot, Johnson & Johnson, Abbvie, Sequence, NFT Studios, Trading Strategy, MSD, Remax, Yoplait, Bagó, Whirlpool, Spinraza, Dominion, The Phone House, Newmanbrain, Flexidao, Verifarma, Forbes, Jansen Oncology, Keytruda, Darzalex, Novartis, IBD, Deoleo, Natura, ESCP Business School, Cyclon, Cepheid, Rivadavia, GSK, The University of Arizona, Eat Meati, Tewer Engineering, Hysun Energy, Raisin, Viseo, Goota, Dorotea, Orionpharma, Eignapharma, El Paso Electric.

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Samsa Videos is a fast growing animation studio and we are constantly looking for creative minds. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, leave your contact details and portfolio and we will contact you.

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